Klerksdorp is a city located in the North West Province of South Africa. It is known for its mining industry and rich history, and is a popular destination for tourists who are interested in these subjects.


Klerksdorp is a city located in the North West Province of South Africa. It is known for its mining industry and rich history, and is a popular destination for tourists who are interested in these subjects.

Top attractions in Klerksdorp include:

  • The Klerksdorp Museum: This museum tells the story of Klerksdorp’s rich history, including the early days of the mining industry, the impact of the Anglo-Boer War, and the city’s cultural heritage.
  • The Matlosana Mall: This large shopping mall is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. It features a variety of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options.
  • The Klerksdorp Dam: This large dam is a popular spot for outdoor activities such as fishing and boating.
  • The Klerksdorp Wind Farm: This wind farm, located just outside of the city, is a popular destination for those interested in renewable energy and sustainable tourism.
  • Overall, Klerksdorp is a city with a rich history and a variety of attractions that make it an interesting destination for tourists. Whether you’re interested in history, outdoor activities, or shopping and entertainment, Klerksdorp has something to offer.

The city of Klerksdorp and its surrounding areas, including the towns of Orkney, Kanana, Stilfontein, Khuma, Hartbeesfontein, and Tigane, have a population of over 350,000, according to Census Statistics South Africa 2001. Along with Rustenburg, Klerksdorp is considered the economic center of the North West Province. It was once a major hub of South Africa’s gold mining industry, but its significance in the industry has decreased in recent years. In March 2005, a major earthquake caused significant damage to Stilfontein and affected mining operations. Despite this, Klerksdorp is expected to become a major producer of uranium in the future.

Besides mining, Klerksdorp is known for being a key medical, retail, and educational center for both North West Province and the Northern Free State. The city is also a major contributor to South Africa’s agriculture, with crops such as maize, sorghum, groundnuts, and sunflowers being grown in the area. Klerksdorp is home to the southern hemisphere’s largest agricultural co-op, named ‘Senwes’.

The farming district is known for its Sussex cattle herds, and Klerksdorp serves as the headquarters of the South African Sussex Cattle Breeders Association.

Klerksdorp, situated in the North West Province of South Africa, has a rich and varied history that spans from ancient civilizations to modern developments. The town and its surrounding region offer a fascinating glimpse into South Africa’s diverse heritage. Here’s a deeper dive into the history of Klerksdorp:

Ancient Civilizations:

Before the establishment of Klerksdorp as a town, the region was inhabited by the San people. Evidence of their existence is found in numerous rock engravings scattered around the area.


The town of Klerksdorp was founded in 1837 by Voortrekkers, specifically by Andries Potgieter. The town was named after Jacob de Clerq, one of the original settlers, and it began as a central hub for the farming community in the region.

Gold Rush:

In the late 19th century, Klerksdorp became one of the towns involved in the gold rush, akin to places like Johannesburg. The discovery of gold in the region led to rapid development and an influx of settlers, both local and international. Mines were established, and the town became a significant gold-producing center.

Anglo-Boer War:

Klerksdorp played a role during the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902). British forces took control of the town at various points during the war. The Klerksdorp area saw concentration camps where Boer women and children were interned by British forces.

Economic Development:

Post the gold rush and the subsequent decline in gold mining, the town transitioned to a more diversified economy. Agriculture, particularly maize, became a key economic driver, along with other industries like manufacturing.

Klerksdorp Today:

In modern times, Klerksdorp has grown to be a significant commercial and administrative center in the North West Province. It’s a bustling town with shopping centers, hospitals, schools, and recreational facilities. The town also serves as a gateway to other tourist attractions in the province.

Archaeological Significance:

In recent times, the area around Klerksdorp has gained attention for the “Klerksdorp spheres” – small, often spherical to disc-shaped objects that have been mined from 3-billion-year-old pyrophyllite deposits. Some claim they are natural formations, while others believe they might have a more mysterious origin.

Klerksdorp’s history is a rich tapestry of ancient civilizations, pioneering spirits, gold rushes, wars, and modern-day growth. Its story is emblematic of the broader narratives of South Africa’s development, making it an intriguing location for history buffs and those interested in understanding the region’s past better.

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