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Nestled within the vast expanse of South Africa’s Northern Cape, the Sishen Golf Club emerges as a captivating oasis in one of the country’s most remote and distinctive settings. South…

Nestled within the vast expanse of South Africa’s Northern Cape, the Sishen Golf Club emerges as a captivating oasis in one of the country’s most remote and distinctive settings. South Africa’s largest yet least populated province offers a backdrop of unparalleled natural beauty, and Sishen Golf Course stands as a testament to the lush and unexpected treasures that can be found in this rugged terrain. Situated on the edge of the Kalahari Desert and enveloped by a sprawling 500-hectare Camel Thorn forest, Sishen Golf Club defies expectations with its perennially lush green fairways.

A Hidden Gem

Sishen Golf Club is indeed a hidden gem, a shimmering emerald in the heart of arid landscapes. Since its inception, it has consistently ranked among the top 30 golf courses in South Africa. This par 72 eighteen-hole championship course proudly hosts the annual Kalahari Classic, a pivotal event on the Vodacom SA Tour, along with other prestigious amateur tournaments.

Designed by the late Bob Grimsdell, Sishen Golf Club pays homage to his legacy by offering an exceptional golfing experience. Grimsdell’s final masterpiece showcases a course beautifully bunkered and adorned with the striking presence of Camel Thorn trees. Adding a thrilling dimension, water features come into play on three of the holes, making each round an adventure.

Unforgettable Scenery and Serenity

One of the most captivating aspects of playing at Sishen Golf Club is the magnificent panoramic views it affords. The course overlooks the surrounding areas, providing a visual feast for golfers and nature enthusiasts alike. Its remote location ensures an uncrowded course, allowing golfers to immerse themselves fully in the tranquil beauty of the Northern Cape.

Visitors to Sishen Golf Club generally find it accommodating, with tee-off times readily available. However, to ensure you secure your preferred slot, it is advisable to book your hotel or accommodation in the Northern Cape and your tee times ahead of your visit, avoiding any potential disappointment.

Facilities Galore

Sishen Golf Club caters to both avid golfers and those seeking a variety of leisure activities. The club offers a comprehensive range of amenities, including a well-equipped driving range and practice tee, perfect for honing your skills. The halfway house ensures that you stay energized throughout your round with a selection of refreshments.

Beyond golf, Sishen Golf Club boasts a range of sporting options, including tennis, squash, and bowls facilities. For those seeking relaxation after a challenging round, the swimming facilities offer a refreshing retreat. Whether you’re an ardent golfer or simply a traveler exploring the captivating Northern Cape, Sishen Golf Club provides an unforgettable experience amid the unique and breathtaking landscapes of this remarkable region.

Popular tourist attractions and points/places of interest in and near Sishen Golf Club

While Sishen Golf Club itself is a captivating destination for golf enthusiasts and nature lovers, the surrounding area offers a wealth of activities, tourist attractions, and points of interest to ensure an enriching and diverse experience during your visit.

Kalahari Desert Adventure

The proximity of Sishen Golf Club to the Kalahari Desert presents a golden opportunity for adventurers. Embark on guided desert safaris to witness the stunning landscapes and unique wildlife that call this arid region home. From awe-inspiring sand dunes to encounters with the elusive Kalahari lion, your journey into the desert promises unforgettable memories.

Kumba Iron Ore Mine Tour

The Kumba Iron Ore Mine, located near Sishen Golf Club, is one of the largest open-pit mines globally. Take a guided tour to learn about the mining process, the significance of iron ore in South Africa’s economy, and the innovative techniques employed in this massive operation.

Witsand Nature Reserve

For a change of scenery, visit the Witsand Nature Reserve, known as the “White Sands.” This enchanting reserve features a unique phenomenon where the sands appear white due to a high concentration of gypsum. Explore the reserve’s hiking trails, birdwatching opportunities, and enjoy a serene picnic amid this otherworldly landscape.

Augrabies Falls National Park

A relatively short drive from Sishen Golf Club, Augrabies Falls National Park boasts the awe-inspiring Augrabies Falls, one of South Africa’s most dramatic waterfalls. Hike along well-maintained trails that offer magnificent viewpoints of the falls and explore the diverse flora and fauna of the park. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a scenic boat tour on the Orange River for a different perspective of this natural wonder.

Kuruman Moffat Mission

Immerse yourself in history and culture with a visit to the Kuruman Moffat Mission. This mission station holds significant historical importance and is associated with notable figures like Robert Moffat and David Livingstone. Explore the mission’s architecture, gardens, and museum to gain insight into the region’s past and the impact of Christian missions on indigenous communities.

Wildlife Encounters

The Northern Cape is teeming with wildlife. Beyond the golf course, you can explore game reserves and wildlife sanctuaries where you might spot iconic African animals like giraffes, zebras, and various antelope species. Wildlife enthusiasts can embark on guided game drives to maximize their chances of encountering these magnificent creatures.

Local Arts and Crafts

Discover the vibrant arts and crafts scene of the Northern Cape by visiting local markets and artisan workshops. You’ll have the opportunity to purchase handmade souvenirs, from traditional beadwork to intricate pottery, created by talented local artists.

Cultural Experiences

Immerse yourself in the culture of the Northern Cape by attending cultural festivals, music performances, and dance events. Engaging with the local community will provide a deeper understanding of the rich heritage and traditions of the region.

Sishen Golf Club, situated in the heart of this diverse and enchanting landscape, serves as an excellent base for exploring the Northern Cape’s natural wonders, history, and culture. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a mix of both, the region around Sishen Golf Club offers a multitude of experiences that will make your visit truly memorable.


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