Running With Wild Horses

Running with Wild Horses in Mpumalanga

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The allure of Kaapsehoop, a picturesque town nestled in the misty Mpumalanga mountainside, is unlike any other. Often referred to as Cape’s hope, this haven truly lives up to its…

Running With Wild Horses

The allure of Kaapsehoop, a picturesque town nestled in the misty Mpumalanga mountainside, is unlike any other. Often referred to as Cape’s hope, this haven truly lives up to its name, particularly if you are an equine enthusiast. Here, amidst the breathtaking beauty, wild horses roam free, symbolizing hope, freedom, and raw nature.

Ever heard the saying, “Wild horses couldn’t drag me away”? This phrase takes on a new meaning in the Nelspruit hills of Kaapsehoop. Here, it’s not the iconic ‘U’ shaped horse shoe that brings luck; instead, the real fortune lies in witnessing the untamed beauty of over 200 wild horses. Their hooves beat the rhythms of the landscape, devoid of shoes, living a life as footloose as they come.

The intriguing aspect of this town isn’t just its size, but its balance. With about 120 residents, Kaapsehoop boasts a unique dynamic, where the wild horse population can often outnumber its human counterpart, roughly at a 2:1 ratio. As the gentle golden light of an African afternoon blankets the land, one can’t help but marvel at the harmonious coexistence of humans and these saddleless wonders.

Globally, the relationship between humans and horses has been deeply romanticized. From the cowboys of the American west chasing their dreams and wild horses to American-Indians capturing the spirit of their woodland steeds, stories abound. However, South Africa took a different route, setting up a Wild Horse Trust Fund dedicated to the sustenance and welfare of these mesmerizing creatures. Their importance cannot be understated, for the landscapes of Kaapsehoop would seem barren without their majestic presence.

The origins of these wild beauties have been the stuff of legends. Campfire stories, passed down generations, speak of their lineage. Some believe they are descendants of pit ponies from the golden era of prospecting, while others swear they once served the local police force, left to thrive in the wild post their services. Another theory links them to the South African War, speculating that the British troops’ steeds settled here post their heroic ventures.

What’s certain is that these wild horses belong to the Boerperd breed, a distinctive South African farm horse. Their community structure varies, with some roaming in bachelor herds of just about 3, while others form structured groups of up to 12.

A visit to Kaapsehoop promises many adventures. Walk the horse-laden streets, seeking a glimpse of these shy beings. Venture off the conventional paths, hoping to be graced by their towering shadows. Watch foals gamboling on rocky terrains, their innocence juxtaposed against the rugged landscape. Or perhaps, if fortune truly favors you, run alongside a herd, feeling every ounce of freedom that this town embodies.

But if stillness is what you seek, simply lay down on the verdant grasslands, tuning into the rhythmic beats of hooves, which, in Kaapsehoop, can be as enchanting as the whistle of a steam train piercing the tranquility of a railway town.

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Popular tourist attractions and points of interest in and near Kaapsehoop

While the wild horses of Kaapsehoop are undeniably a major draw, the town and its surrounding regions are abundant in other attractions and activities that promise to make any visit unforgettable. Here’s a deeper dive into what awaits in this South African gem:

Kaapsehoop Escarpment Walks
The town is surrounded by natural beauty that’s best explored on foot. Guided hikes and walks are available, leading visitors through lush forests, past cascading waterfalls, and offering panoramic views of the De Kaap Valley.

Battery Creek Waterfall
A serene spot perfect for picnicking and relaxation. The cascading waters set against the backdrop of the region’s greenery offer a tranquil escape.

Kaapsehoop History Tours
Delve into the town’s past, from its gold rush days to its storied legends. Guided tours are available, taking you through the town’s historical sites, buildings, and narrating tales that have shaped its identity.

Blue Swallows Reserve
This nature reserve is home to one of South Africa’s rarest birds, the Blue Swallow. Bird-watchers and nature enthusiasts will find this reserve a haven, with its pristine landscapes and diverse bird species.

Horseback Riding
Beyond the wild horses, there are stables that offer guided horseback rides for visitors. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert rider, meandering through the scenic landscapes on horseback is an experience to cherish.

Rock Formations
The region boasts unique rock formations, some even resembling objects, like the ‘Shoe’ and the ‘Hat’. These geological wonders are not just photo-worthy but also pique curiosity about their origins and formation.

Art Galleries and Craft Stores
Kaapsehoop has a thriving local art scene. Visit galleries that showcase the works of local artists, ranging from paintings, sculptures, to intricate crafts. Don’t forget to pick up a souvenir!

Dining and Cuisine
Savor local South African dishes at the town’s quaint eateries. From traditional meals to contemporary fusions, the culinary delights here cater to all palates.

Gold Panning
Relive the gold rush days by trying your hand at gold panning. Several spots near the town allow visitors to experience this age-old activity, and who knows, you might even strike gold!

Nearby Nelspruit
Just a short drive away, the city of Nelspruit offers even more attractions. Visit the Lowveld National Botanical Garden, the Sudwala Caves, or embark on a safari at the nearby Kruger National Park.

Ghost Tours
For the more daring, delve into the mysterious side of Kaapsehoop with guided ghost tours. Discover the haunted tales and eerie legends that have been whispered through generations.

A unique attraction where visitors can engage in building mazes with rocks. Not only is it a fun activity, but the mazes also serve as a natural conservation method against erosion.

Kaapsehoop is a testament to the blend of natural beauty, rich history, and local culture. Whether you’re chasing wild horses, exploring cascades, or relishing local art, this town promises experiences that linger long after the journey ends.

In the end, whether you chase their silhouettes or stand in awe from a distance, one thing’s for sure: Kaapsehoop’s wild horses will gallop straight into your heart.


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