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People’s Park, Durban

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Welcome to People’s Park in Durban, a unique and exciting destination designed with people in mind, especially children. Located in Stamford Hill, just south of the renowned Moses Mabhida Stadium,…

Peoples Park Durban

Welcome to People’s Park in Durban, a unique and exciting destination designed with people in mind, especially children. Located in Stamford Hill, just south of the renowned Moses Mabhida Stadium, this park offers a refreshing departure from the traditional park experience.

Forget about the typical rectangular layout with grassy areas, swings, slides, and a few oak trees. People’s Park has reimagined what a park can be. As you step into the park, you’ll immediately notice a track and field area that stretches the entire length of the park, spanning an impressive kilometer. Made of smooth, sloping marble-like material, this track provides the perfect surface for various activities such as cycling, skateboarding, and rollerskating. Children particularly love the polished concrete surface, as it allows them to effortlessly glide along, embracing the exhilaration of movement.

Alongside the track, you’ll find a grassy strip adorned with shaded pergolas, creating an idyllic setting for picnics and playtime for moms and tots. On the opposite side, a remarkable playground awaits, featuring swings, jungle gyms, climbing frames, merry-go-rounds, and sand pits. These play structures are a cut above those found in typical municipal parks, and they are all set on soft beach sand to ensure a safe landing.

Cool off in the park’s fountains, where children can splash and have a blast. For those looking to explore the park on wheels, bike, scooter, and skateboard rentals are available by the hour (don’t forget to bring cash!). As you venture further, you’ll notice benches thoughtfully placed along the track, providing resting spots for tired grandparents and parents. The park also offers reasonably priced takeaway Illy coffee and daily newspapers at the café, allowing you to relax and enjoy the surroundings while keeping an eye on your little ones.

One of the park’s exceptional qualities is its ability to create a safe and inclusive environment for children, allowing them the freedom to play in groups within vast spaces. Parents can feel at ease knowing that their children are well-contained within the park’s boundaries.

In addition to its recreational offerings, People’s Park often transforms into a vibrant music venue, hosting a variety of music acts organized by the nearby Moses Mabhida Stadium. On the north side of the stadium, you’ll also find the I Heart weekly market, providing a delightful blend of local crafts, delicious food, and lively entertainment.

Before you head out to People’s Park, make sure to pack sunscreen, hats, and some cash for rentals and refreshments. Consider bringing along a picnic to fully enjoy the park’s inviting ambiance.

Popular activities and tourist attractions at People’s Park

While People’s Park itself offers a range of activities and attractions, there are also several points of interest in and near the park that visitors can explore.

Moses Mabhida Stadium
Adjacent to People’s Park, the iconic Moses Mabhida Stadium is a must-visit attraction. Take a tour of this state-of-the-art sports facility and enjoy breathtaking views of Durban from the SkyCar or SkyWalk. The stadium also hosts various events and concerts throughout the year.

Durban Botanic Gardens
Just a short distance away from People’s Park lies the Durban Botanic Gardens, Africa’s oldest surviving botanical garden. Explore the beautiful grounds and discover a diverse range of plant species, including indigenous and exotic plants. The gardens also host concerts and events, making it a vibrant cultural hub.

Blue Lagoon Beach
Located a stone’s throw from People’s Park, Blue Lagoon Beach is a popular spot for sunbathing, picnicking, and swimming. Enjoy the warm Indian Ocean waters and soak up the coastal atmosphere while taking in panoramic views of the Durban skyline.

uShaka Marine World
Embark on an unforgettable marine adventure at uShaka Marine World, situated a short drive from People’s Park. This world-class marine theme park offers a variety of attractions, including a water park, aquarium, dolphin shows, and thrilling water rides. It’s a fantastic place for families and anyone fascinated by marine life.

The Golden Mile
Stretching along Durban’s coastline, the Golden Mile is a vibrant promenade filled with restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues. Take a leisurely stroll or rent a bicycle to explore the scenic waterfront, enjoy street performances, or indulge in some delicious local cuisine.

Durban City Hall
Delve into Durban’s history by visiting the impressive Durban City Hall. This grand Edwardian building is a significant landmark and features beautiful architecture. Inside, you’ll find the Natural Science Museum, which exhibits a range of artifacts, fossils, and educational displays.

Wilson’s Wharf
Experience the bustling atmosphere of Wilson’s Wharf, a waterfront complex near People’s Park. Here, you can dine at waterfront restaurants offering a variety of cuisines, browse through craft markets, enjoy live music, and even embark on harbor cruises for stunning views of the coastline.

Victoria Street Market
Immerse yourself in the vibrant Indian culture of Durban by exploring the Victoria Street Market. This bustling market offers a wide array of spices, traditional crafts, clothing, and delectable street food. It’s the perfect place to find unique souvenirs and experience the city’s multicultural ambiance.

As you can see, People’s Park serves as a gateway to a multitude of attractions and points of interest in and around Durban. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, cultural experiences, or family-friendly entertainment, this area has something to offer every visitor. Plan your itinerary accordingly to make the most of your time and create unforgettable memories in Durban.

When visiting Durban, make sure to carve out time for People’s Park. With its innovative design, diverse recreational options, and inclusive atmosphere, it’s a must-visit destination for families and individuals seeking a memorable experience. You can find the park just off Masabalala Yngwa Avenue, to the south of the iconic Moses Mabhida Stadium.


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