Ngome Forest Reserve

Ngome Forest Reserve, KwaZulu-Natal

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Nestled on the southern slopes of the misty high altitude grasslands, Ngome Forest Reserve is a hidden gem located near the western fringes of Zululand, just 70 km east of…

Ngome Forest Reserve

Nestled on the southern slopes of the misty high altitude grasslands, Ngome Forest Reserve is a hidden gem located near the western fringes of Zululand, just 70 km east of Vryheid. This untouched paradise boasts a unique climate, where the rolling hills and cool air create an otherworldly atmosphere.

One of the most remarkable features of Ngome Forest is its biodiversity. As you explore the clearings and canopy of the forest, keep an eye out for the emperor swallowtail, the largest butterfly in the country. Its impressive size rivals that of a bird, making it a captivating sight for nature enthusiasts. This reserve is a treasure trove, spanning over 5,000 hectares of lush grassland, towering cliffs, and dense forest.

Within this sanctuary, you’ll discover the Ntendeka Wilderness, an awe-inspiring expanse that provides a vital habitat for the endangered blue swallow. These grasslands are the only ones in the province that support the breeding of these remarkable birds. In addition to the blue swallow, Ngome Forest showcases a stunning array of wildflowers, creating a vibrant tapestry of colors.

The forest owes its pristine state to its remote location, far from the bustling urban centers. Stepping into Ngome Forest feels like entering a fairy tale realm, where enchanting orchids, ferns, and mosses thrive, offering endless fascination to those with even a remote interest in botany. As you wander through the forest, you’ll encounter towering trees, their branches heavy with moisture, and delicate streptocarpus and clivia plants effortlessly adorning the forest floor. Along the streams and forest edges, giant ferns with fronds stretching over two meters create a picturesque scene straight out of a dream.

Ngome Forest is also home to a remarkable array of uncommon trees, including the threatened Atalaya natalensis, also known as the forest krantz ash or Natal wing-nut. This rare forest tree can only be found in highly specific habitats within isolated forests, and Ngome Forest is fortunate to house a healthy sub-population.

The forest teems with an abundance of wildlife, making it an ideal destination for animal lovers. Keep your eyes peeled for the agile samango monkeys, elusive bushpigs, majestic leopards, and the mischievous baboons. The bird life in Ngome Forest is equally astounding, contributing to its status as a prominent stop along the Zululand Birding Route. Spotting the orange ground thrush and Eastern bronze-naped pigeon, both typically challenging to sight, will be a rewarding experience for bird enthusiasts.

A visit to Ngome Forest Reserve wouldn’t be complete without exploring the Ngome Marian Shrine, also known as the Shrine of Our Lady of Ngome. Situated near Nongoma, this sacred shrine pays tribute to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The shrine gained fame when one of the Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing claimed to have had ten visions between August 1955 and May 1971 in Ngome. Today, it stands as one of the most popular pilgrimage sites in southern Africa, drawing devotees seeking solace and spiritual connection.

Popular activities, attractions, and points of interest Ngome Forest Reserve

Ngome Forest Reserve is not only a haven for nature enthusiasts but also offers a range of activities, attractions, and points of interest that will make your visit a memorable one.

Guided Nature Walks
Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Ngome Forest with guided nature walks. Knowledgeable guides will lead you through the forest, sharing their expertise on the flora, fauna, and ecological significance of the area. Learn about the unique plant species, identify bird calls, and perhaps even catch a glimpse of elusive wildlife.

Bird Watching
Ngome Forest Reserve and its surrounding areas are a paradise for birdwatchers. Grab your binoculars and spot a variety of avian species, including the rare blue swallow, orange ground thrush, and Eastern bronze-naped pigeon. Join local birding experts who can help you identify and appreciate the diverse birdlife that calls this region home.

Ngome Forest offers endless opportunities for photographers to capture breathtaking shots of the natural landscape. From the ethereal mist that veils the rolling hills to the vibrant colors of wildflowers, every corner of Ngome Forest presents a picturesque scene waiting to be captured.

Hiking and Mountain Biking
Lace up your hiking boots or hop on a mountain bike to explore the scenic trails around Ngome Forest. The reserve offers a variety of trails catering to different fitness levels and interests. Traverse the undulating terrain, soak in panoramic views, and experience the invigorating energy of the wilderness.

Ngome Marian Shrine
Pay a visit to the Ngome Marian Shrine, located near Nongoma. This significant pilgrimage site attracts visitors from far and wide seeking spiritual solace and reflection. Explore the serene grounds, admire the religious artworks, and take part in religious ceremonies or devotions if you wish.

Cultural Experiences
Discover the rich cultural heritage of the region by engaging with the local communities. Visit nearby Zulu villages and interact with residents to gain insights into their traditional lifestyle, customs, and crafts. Participate in traditional dance and music performances or sample local cuisine for a truly immersive cultural experience.

Nearby Game Reserves
Extend your adventure by visiting the neighboring game reserves. Pongola Game Reserve and Thanda Private Game Reserve offer exciting opportunities for wildlife encounters. Embark on thrilling game drives or guided walking safaris to spot the Big Five (lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and Cape buffalo) and other remarkable wildlife species in their natural habitats.

Vryheid Museum
If you’re interested in delving into the history of the area, make a trip to the Vryheid Museum. Located in the town of Vryheid, just 70 km west of Ngome Forest, the museum showcases artifacts, photographs, and exhibits that provide insight into the region’s history, including its cultural heritage and the Anglo-Zulu War.

Battlefields Route
History enthusiasts will be captivated by the nearby Battlefields Route. This route traces the footsteps of famous battles, including the Battle of Isandlwana and the Battle of Rorke’s Drift, both significant engagements during the Anglo-Zulu War. Explore the well-preserved battlefields, monuments, and museums that narrate the stories of these historical events.

Scenic Drives
Enjoy the picturesque landscapes surrounding Ngome Forest by taking scenic drives through the region. Meander along winding country roads, passing through charming rural villages, rolling hills, and expansive grasslands. Keep your camera handy as every turn reveals breathtaking vistas and photo opportunities.

Ngome Forest Reserve and its surroundings offer a diverse range of activities and attractions that cater to different interests. Whether you’re a nature lover, a history buff, or seeking cultural immersion, this enchanting destination has something to captivate every visitor. Embark on a journey of discovery, and let Ngome Forest and its surrounding treasures create lasting memories.

Ngome Forest Reserve invites you to embark on a journey of natural wonder and spiritual reflection. Immerse yourself in its enchanting ambiance, where every step reveals a new marvel. Whether you’re captivated by the diverse flora and fauna, the mystical atmosphere, or the pilgrimage site, Ngome Forest promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you longing to return.


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