Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary

Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary

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Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary, located in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, is a world-renowned haven for primates. This unique sanctuary is the first of its kind, offering free roaming facilities for multiple…

Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary

Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary, located in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, is a world-renowned haven for primates. This unique sanctuary is the first of its kind, offering free roaming facilities for multiple species of primates in a pristine high canopy forest. The primates at Monkeyland are not caged and are free to move about the forest, living in harmony with each other.

What makes Monkeyland truly special is its status as both a multi-species and free-roaming facility. The sanctuary is self-sustaining, relying solely on revenue generated from tourist visits, which take the form of educational and exciting monkey safaris. These safaris are led by passionate rangers and often result in a newfound appreciation for primates and the issues they face.

The Touch a Monkeys Heart Foundation, a non-profit organization, is responsible for the future of all primates at Monkeyland. This foundation is also responsible for the development and implementation of “The Eden Syndrome,” a process used to prepare previously caged primates for their eventual release into the sanctuary.

Monkeyland serves as a prime example that primates can live in a near-wild state and is a strong argument for the successful reintroduction of primates to their natural habitats. Visitors can enjoy a unique dining experience in the lively forest, sipping coffee while watching a diverse array of primates play and enjoy their freedom.

Popular Activities and Tourist Destinations at Monkeyland Nature Reserve and Plettenberg Bay

Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary is just one of the many attractions in the Plettenberg Bay area. For visitors who are looking for more adventures or additional tourist destinations, there are plenty of options.

Visit the nearby Robberg Nature Reserve

This nature reserve is located just a few kilometers from Monkeyland and is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including seals, dolphins, and whales. Visitors can take guided walks or hike the trails and enjoy stunning views of the coastline.

Explore the nearby beaches

Plettenberg Bay is known for its beautiful beaches, and there are several to choose from. Visitors can go surfing, swimming, or simply relax on the sand.

Take a scenic drive along the Garden Route

The Garden Route is a popular tourist destination and offers breathtaking scenery, charming towns, and plenty of outdoor activities. Visitors can stop at any number of scenic viewpoints and enjoy the views of rolling hills, lush forests, and pristine coastline.

Visit the Birds of Eden and Jukani Wildlife Sanctuaries

These two nearby wildlife sanctuaries offer visitors the chance to see a variety of wildlife, including big cats, primates, birds, and reptiles. Visitors can take guided tours or explore the facilities on their own.

Enjoy some local cuisine

The Plettenberg Bay area is known for its delicious cuisine, and visitors should take the opportunity to try some of the local specialties. There are many great restaurants, cafes, and pubs to choose from, each offering its own unique take on South African cuisine.

Hog Hollow Horse Trails

The Western Cape of South Africa is a beautiful region, rich in natural wonders, fauna and flora. The Tsitsikamma area is particularly breathtaking, with its mountains, valleys, forests, and wildlife. To truly experience this beauty, visitors can explore the region on horseback with Hog Hollow Horse Trails.

Hog Hollow offers a range of trails for riders of all abilities and ages. The Forest and Farm Guided Trail is a 2.5-hour journey through the ancient rainforests, with the opportunity to see antelopes, monkeys, and baboons. Snacks and drinks are provided along the way.

For those who want to spend more time exploring the area, the Half-Day Picnic Trail, Full-Day Picnic Trail, Half-Day Wine Farm Trail, and Full-Day Wine Farm Trail all offer the chance to immerse in the natural beauty, with picnics, wine tastings, and lunch platters included. The Full-Day Cruise the Crags Trail is an all-day adventure that includes a tapas-style lunch, wine tasting, and guided tours of Monkeyland and either Birds of Eden or a brush-down elephant experience.

Hog Hollow Horse Trails is located 19 km from Plettenberg Bay and provides shuttle service for wine tasting tours. The experienced guides are well trained to ensure a memorable and safe experience for riders of all abilities. For a unique way to explore the Garden Route, visitors can also try the Hog Hollow Horse Drawn Carriage Tours.

Hog Hollow Horse Drawn Carriage Tours

Hog Hollow Horse Drawn Carriage Tours are another must-visit for tourists visiting the Garden Route. This unique tour allows visitors to experience the gorgeous countryside of the Tsitsikamma and The Crags regions outside Plettenberg Bay in a vintage horse-drawn carriage.

There are three different tour packages to choose from, each with its own itinerary and features. Trail One is a 30-minute tour that takes place four times a day, Tuesday to Sunday, and includes a glass of bubbly on arrival, wine tastings, a snack platter, and a stop in the scenic vineyards. Trail Two is a one-hour tour that covers two local wine farms, offering wine tastings, olive oil and bread tastings, an iced tea tasting, and a cellar tour. Trail Three is a two-hour tour that covers two wine estates, including wine tastings, an olive oil and bread tasting, an iced tea tasting, a cellar tour, and a tapas-style lunch with a glass of local wine.

The carriage seats 16 passengers and has a classic, vintage look. Tour guides are knowledgeable and entertaining, making these tours perfect for families or special occasions. Non-alcoholic tours are available upon request. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or simply looking for a unique way to explore the Garden Route, Hog Hollow Horse Drawn Carriage Tours are a must-visit.

AfriCanyon River Adventures

In addition to the fascinating primate encounters offered by Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary, visitors to the Garden Route can also enjoy the thrills of AfriCanyon River Adventures. AfriCanyon was created to highlight the magnificent canyoning opportunities in the secluded valleys of The Crags. Visitors can navigate the river shallows, slide down natural water slides, zipline over mountain pools, swim through fresh water, abseil around waterfalls, and dip into scenic river gorges.

Whether you’re a seasoned canyoner or a first-timer, AfriCanyon offers two different adventure packages to choose from: the Full Monty and the Short. The Full Monty package includes the standard canyoning trip, as well as ziplining, swimming, optional jumps, and abseiling. The Short trip offers a shorter canyon experience with swimming, optional jumps, and abseiling.

Visitors can explore AfriCanyon seven days a week, and the knowledgeable and experienced guides prioritize safety while providing a fun and exciting adventure. All necessary gear and training are provided, so adventurers from South Africa and abroad can enjoy the beauty of the indigenous vegetation hidden within the inaccessible valleys of South Africa.

Located just a few minutes’ drive from The Crags, the coastal town of Plett offers additional opportunities for water sports and dining. Knysna, located about 20-30 minutes away, is also a popular destination for whale- and dolphin-watching tours. So, whether you’re looking to explore the Garden Route through primate encounters or adrenaline-fueled adventures, Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary and AfriCanyon River Adventures offer a unique and unforgettable experience for visitors.

The Garden Route

The Garden Route of South Africa is a popular tourist destination renowned for its stunning scenic views, wildlife sanctuaries, and more recently, its impressive wine farms. One such vineyard is Kay and Monty Vineyards located in The Crags just outside of Plettenberg Bay. The vineyard covers eight hectares and is known for producing award-winning Sauvignon Blanc and MCC Champagne.

In 2012, the first wine was produced at Kay and Monty Vineyards and since then, they have continued to produce high-quality wines that are enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. The tastings are held in a spacious and light-filled tasting room where visitors can sample the unique flavors of the vineyard and enjoy a delicious lunch while taking in the breathtaking views of the dam, vineyards, hills, and paddocks.

The current wines produced at Kay and Monty Vineyards include the Sav 2019, a full-flavored wine with tropical notes of lime and green apple and a bouquet of sweet pineapple and granadilla. It has an alcohol content of 13.62% and is a popular choice for any occasion. The MCC Blanc de Blanc Champu 2016 is another popular choice. This unwooded Chardonnay Blanc de Blanc is produced in the traditional French Méthode Cap Classique style and is ideal for celebrations like weddings, anniversaries, or simply a Tuesday. This vintage has a dominant note of grapefruit and a fresh finish, with tropical hints of pineapple and biscuits. Its alcohol content is 12.5%.

Kay and Monty Vineyards is a boutique Garden Route wine estate that is conveniently located near many popular attractions such as Birds of Eden, Jukani, Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary, and Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary. Visitors can escape to this idyllic and relaxing vineyard during their holiday on the Garden Route for a truly memorable experience.

Close Encounter Whale Watching

Close Encounter Whale Watching is a premier experience for tourists visiting the area near Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary. The cruises are conducted on the permitted whale watching vessel “Fatboy,” which is licensed to approach whales up to 50 meters. Whales often show inquisitiveness and move closer to the boat, providing an up-close and personal experience. During the official whale season, which runs between July and November, visitors can spot Southern Right Whales along the coastline. Humpback Whales can be seen between April and January, while Bryde’s Whales are present all year round.

Ocean Safaris holds one of the few Whale Watching permits allocated nationwide and is certified by Fair Trade in Tourism and SATSA. The company is committed to environmental responsibility and offsets its carbon emissions through its affiliation with the Green Ticket.

Visitors can expect an exclusive, legal, and environmentally sensitive encounter with marine life during the whale watching cruises. The company actively participates in documenting valuable research on whales and dolphins and forwards the information to government research departments. Sightings throughout the year include Common, Humpback, and Bottlenose dolphins, Bryde’s whales, various sharks, Cape fur seals, pelagic birds, and other surprises.

Ocean Safaris takes pride in having the right vessels for the job and all of their boats are specially designed for maximum viewing pleasure and safety certified by SAMSA. Join them for a one-of-a-kind ocean adventure that is nothing short of spectacular.

Robberg Nature Reserve

Hiking in the Robberg Nature Reserve is a must-visit activity for anyone who loves the outdoors and experiencing nature up close. This nature reserve offers a unique and unforgettable experience, with breathtaking views over the shoreline and sea, a diverse range of birdlife, and the beautiful fynbos. The nature reserve is also home to a thriving Cape fur seal colony, which is a popular attraction among visitors.

For hikers, the Robberg Nature Reserve provides three trails to choose from, each offering a different level of difficulty and length. These trails range from a 45-minute easy hike to a 5-hour strenuous hike, covering a distance of up to 11 kilometres. The trails are circular, and most of them are flat and easy to navigate, making them ideal for people of all fitness levels. One of the trails takes hikers to the Robberg Point, which provides a spectacular view of the surrounding area. However, this trail is not recommended for young children or during high tide.

Overall, the Robberg Nature Reserve is a great destination for anyone looking for an outdoor adventure. Whether you are a seasoned hiker or just looking for a leisurely stroll, this nature reserve has something to offer everyone.

Jukani Wildlife Ranch & Care Centre

Jukani Wildlife Ranch & Care Centre, located near Plettenberg Bay, is a unique sanctuary for big cats such as lions, cheetahs, Bengal tigers, leopards, jaguars, pumas, caracals, and serval cats. Jukani is not just a zoo, but a wildlife park where these felines and other wildlife species live in large, spacious enclosures that provide ample space for them to run, play, and exercise. Each enclosure has been carefully designed with enrichment and husbandry in mind, and the park even transported a 19-ton tree trunk to the facility for the leopard enclosure.

At Jukani, visitors can expect a personal and informative experience as a tour of the facility is included with their entrance fee. The staff at Jukani have a special relationship with all the animals and visitors are given the opportunity to get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures. Jukani is also dedicated to conservation and provides guests with informative discussions on the various species and their place in nature. The park also has a curio shop and food options available for guests. Jukani relocated from Mossel Bay to the Crags near Plettenberg Bay in August 2013.

Keurbooms River Ferry

The Keurbooms River Ferry is a unique and scenic way to experience the Keurbooms River Nature Reserve. With a capacity of 30 passengers, the ferry offers a comfortable and informative journey along the river. The knowledgeable guide provides insights into the history of the area, highlighting the significance of its natural beauty and rich heritage.

As the ferry reaches its 5 km destination, guests are treated to a stop on a stunning river beach surrounded by pristine forests of indigenous trees like yellowwoods. This serene spot is the perfect place for a picnic, swim, or just some relaxation. Those who choose to stay on the river beach can bask in the serenity and beauty of their surroundings, or opt for a leisurely stroll through the pristine canopies of towering trees.

For those looking to make their trip even more memorable, Keurbooms River Ferry offers custom packages like river lunches, beach picnics, and team building events, all of which can be arranged with prior notice. Refreshments are available on board, and picnic baskets can be ordered with a 24-hour notice period. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil getaway or a fun-filled adventure, the Keurbooms River Ferry is a must-visit destination in the area.

Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary

Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary, located in The Crags, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Plettenberg Bay. The sanctuary is home to over 100 snakes, including boomslangs, pythons, and other species, all safely housed in enclosures. Visitors can take a guided tour of the sanctuary, which includes snake interactions and a chance to get up close to these fascinating creatures. The tour takes about an hour and is perfect for reptile enthusiasts or those who want to learn more about snakes.

In addition to the snakes, Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary also features a giant python room, a monitor lizard enclosure, and a dome housing local and exotic snakes from around the world. The sanctuary is also home to farm animals, making it a great destination for families. Visitors can take a walk through the forest to the river, enjoy a picnic, or play in the play area. There is also a coffee shop and a curio store on site.

Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary is wheelchair and stroller-friendly and has shaded parking. Group bookings of 15 or more visitors are required. Whether you’re a reptile enthusiast, a nature lover, or just looking for a fun family activity, Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary is a must-visit destination in the Garden Route.

Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or just a chance to see some of South Africa’s unique wildlife, the Plettenberg Bay area has something to offer. A visit to Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary is just the beginning of your journey in this beautiful region.

Admission to Monkeyland is free, but there is a fee for guided safaris, which are open-ended, allowing visitors to go on as many safaris as they like in a single day after paying for the first excursion. A visit to Monkeyland is a must-see for anyone traveling to The Garden Route. Come and witness this amazing kingdom of monkeys.


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