Modderfontein Nature Reserve

Modderfontein Nature Reserve, Gauteng

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Nestled in the picturesque town of Edenvale, the Modderfontein Nature Reserve stands as a breathtaking testament to the diversity of South Africa’s animal and plant species. Spanning an impressive 275…

Modderfontein Nature Reserve

Nestled in the picturesque town of Edenvale, the Modderfontein Nature Reserve stands as a breathtaking testament to the diversity of South Africa’s animal and plant species. Spanning an impressive 275 hectares, this reserve proudly holds the title of being the second-largest private nature reserve in the country. It goes beyond its size to actively engage in eco-initiatives and awareness campaigns, making it a destination that combines conservation efforts with recreational activities and educational programs.

One of the remarkable aspects of the Modderfontein Nature Reserve is its convenient location. Situated a mere 20 minutes’ drive from the bustling OR Tambo International Airport, as well as the vibrant Sandton district with its array of malls and office blocks, this natural oasis provides a refreshing escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

The preservation of South African species takes center stage at the Modderfontein Nature Reserve. This commitment reflects the immense value placed on the indigenous flora and fauna found within its borders. However, the reserve’s vision extends beyond conservation, striving to strike a harmonious balance by offering recreational opportunities and educational programs to visitors.

As you explore the reserve, you’ll be captivated by its diverse landscapes. Rolling green hills, serene dams, and vast savannahs stretch as far as the eye can see, creating an ideal habitat for a wide range of local species. Among the intriguing inhabitants of the reserve are the elusive black-backed jackal, the playful Cape clawless otter, four different species of mongoose, and the graceful duiker. Notably, the reserve is also home to the near-threatened spotted-necked otter, underscoring the importance of protecting this remarkable species.

However, it is the avian residents that truly steal the show at Modderfontein Nature Reserve. More than 250 recorded bird species have been spotted within this urban sanctuary, a remarkable feat considering the typical avoidance of urban environments by many bird species. Prepare to be enchanted by the sight of majestic fish eagles, elegant black swans, soaring jackal buzzards, stately sacred ibises, dainty little grebes, vibrant crimson-breasted shrikes, and various herons. Keep your eyes peeled for the magnificent Verreaux’s eagle, the regal long-crested eagle, the elegant African spoonbill, the enchanting fiery-necked nightjar, the mysterious barn owl, the swift goshawk, the elusive marsh owl, the iconic blue crane, and countless other fascinating species.

Visitors are encouraged to bring binoculars and a bird identification guide to fully appreciate the astonishing avian diversity. The presence of blue gums and pine trees, although alien species, has attracted numerous raptors to the reserve. Striking a delicate balance, the reserve actively replaces alien vegetation with indigenous varieties, taking into account the potential impact on raptor species. This responsible and conscientious management ensures the well-being of both the ecosystem and its magnificent inhabitants.

For those seeking an active adventure, the Modderfontein Nature Reserve offers a network of trails perfect for hiking and cycling enthusiasts. Whether you are a sports enthusiast seeking an adrenaline rush or a traveler craving the soothing scents of the South African countryside, these trails invite you to explore the region on foot or by bike. Adjust your pace to your preference and immerse yourself in the wonders of Modderfontein. To enhance your experience, consider joining a guided walk led by knowledgeable experts who will enrich your journey with fascinating insights and stories.

Beyond its natural wonders, Modderfontein also boasts a rich historical heritage rooted in its past as a thriving mining hub. The reserve houses several buildings that narrate the captivating story of this area. Take a step back in time as you visit the Modderfontein Dynamite Company Museum and the historic Stone Barn, which offer glimpses into the region’s intriguing past.

Popular activities and attractions in and Around Modderfontein Nature Reserve

Modderfontein Nature Reserve is not only a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers but also a destination that offers a myriad of activities and attractions to cater to diverse interests. Embark on a journey of discovery as you explore the captivating points of interest both within the reserve and its surrounding areas.

Modderfontein Dynamite Company Museum
Delve into the rich history of Modderfontein at the Dynamite Company Museum. Gain insight into the explosive past of the region, learn about the significance of the mining industry, and marvel at the preserved artifacts and displays that tell the story of Modderfontein’s dynamite production.

Stone Barn
Step back in time as you visit the Stone Barn, another historical gem within the reserve. This iconic building stands as a testament to Modderfontein’s agricultural heritage and offers a glimpse into the traditional farming practices of yesteryear.

Hiking and Cycling Trails
Lace up your hiking boots or hop on your bike to explore the network of trails that wind through the reserve’s stunning landscapes. Immerse yourself in nature, breathe in the fresh air, and witness the beauty of rolling hills, tranquil dams, and vast savannahs. Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll or an exhilarating mountain biking adventure, the trails cater to all levels of fitness and experience.

Bird Watching
With over 250 recorded bird species, Modderfontein Nature Reserve is a bird watcher’s paradise. Set out with your binoculars and bird identification guide to spot majestic raptors, colorful waterfowl, and a variety of other avian residents. Keep your eyes peeled for the iconic fish eagle, elegant black swan, and the elusive Verreaux’s eagle among many others.

Educational Programs
Enhance your understanding of the local ecosystem and conservation efforts through the reserve’s educational programs. Engage with knowledgeable guides who provide valuable insights into the flora, fauna, and ecological importance of the region. Participate in interactive activities and workshops designed to foster a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

Picnic Areas and Braai Facilities
Take a break from exploration and indulge in a relaxing picnic surrounded by nature’s splendor. Modderfontein Nature Reserve provides well-maintained picnic areas equipped with braai (barbecue) facilities, allowing you to savor a delicious meal while immersing yourself in the serene ambiance of the reserve.

Nearby Attractions
Extend your adventure by exploring attractions near Modderfontein Nature Reserve. Just a short drive away, you’ll find exciting options such as:

Gillooly’s Farm
A popular recreational park offering walking trails, picnic spots, and a picturesque lake where you can enjoy fishing or paddle boating.

Greenstone Shopping Centre
Indulge in some retail therapy at this modern shopping complex located nearby, which houses a wide range of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options.

Modderfontein Golf Club
Tee off at the Modderfontein Golf Club, where you can enjoy a challenging round of golf amidst beautiful surroundings.

Johannesburg Botanical Garden
Immerse yourself in the lush greenery of the Johannesburg Botanical Garden, a tranquil oasis boasting stunning gardens, serene lakes, and an abundance of plant species.

Apartheid Museum
Delve into South Africa’s complex history at the Apartheid Museum, which offers thought-provoking exhibits and interactive displays that depict the country’s struggle for equality.

Modderfontein Nature Reserve 1Modderfontein Nature Reserve and its surrounding areas offer a wealth of activities and attractions that cater to every interest. From immersing yourself in nature’s beauty and exploring the reserve’s historical sites to embarking on cultural experiences nearby, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Embrace the spirit of adventure and allow Modderfontein to captivate you with its diverse offerings.

Dobbs House Restaurant

Nestled within the captivating Modderfontein Nature Reserve, Dobbs House Restaurant boasts a prime location that seamlessly merges the tranquility of the reserve with the vibrant urban atmosphere of Johannesburg, the capital city of Gauteng. Situated amidst the savannahs and hills of South Africa, this exquisite restaurant offers a culinary experience that perfectly complements the natural beauty of its surroundings.

Elegance is the hallmark of Dobbs House, evident in both its ambiance and the breathtaking views it offers. The restaurant welcomes guests from Tuesday to Sunday, serving delightful breakfast and lunch options. The carefully curated menu is accompanied by a thoughtfully selected wine list, as well as a variety of craft beers, ensuring a comprehensive dining experience for all.

The breakfast menu at Dobbs House includes both classic favorites and indulgent delights. Feast on traditional must-haves or treat yourself to French toast with bacon and syrup, smoked trout on potato rostis with horseradish cream, egg Florentine, or an irresistible continental pastry board. For lunch, the restaurant offers a range of delectable choices. Delight in salads prepared with flavorful combinations and fresh ingredients, savor grilled fillet or a hearty Karoo lamb and feta burger, or relish the rich flavors of sage butter gnocchi. Little ones are also catered to with a dedicated children’s menu featuring simple yet satisfying options like macaroni cheese or beef burgers.

However, it is the mezze boards at Dobbs House that truly steal the show. Indulge in a variety of tempting platters, such as the Charcuterie Platter featuring chicken liver pâté, chorizo, ham, prosciutto, and salami, accompanied by delectable breads, grapes, cocktail tomatoes, and onion marmalade. Alternatively, savor the Fromage Platter showcasing camembert, blue cheese, Welsh cheddar, goat’s cheese, cumin boerenkaas, and smoked provolone, served with bread, fruits, and marmalade. The Mediterranean Board is another enticing option, offering delights like hummus, tzatziki, sundried tomato and feta dip, mozzarella balls in pesto, sourdough bread, and marinated mushrooms. These mezze boards are just a glimpse of the delectable variety available, ensuring that every diner finds the perfect platter to suit their preferences.

Beyond its tantalizing menu, Dobbs House Restaurant provides a picturesque setting that sets the stage for unforgettable moments shared among friends, family, and loved ones. The restaurant offers the option to reserve specific areas, both indoor and in the garden, for private celebrations and events. Whether you opt for the à la carte menu or prefer a personalized set menu, Dobbs House ensures that your special occasion is tailored to perfection.

Dobbs House Restaurant flawlessly combines its idyllic setting with a fabulous menu, creating a hotspot where delectable food, warm camaraderie, and endless enjoyment converge. Indulge in the culinary delights of this enchanting establishment and discover why it has become a cherished destination for unforgettable dining experiences.

Modderfontein Reserve Parkrun

Immersed in the vibrant energy of Gauteng Province lies the remarkable Modderfontein Nature Reserve, a natural oasis amidst the urban bustle. Renowned as the second-largest privately owned nature reserve in Gauteng, this pristine sanctuary boasts a rich tapestry of birdlife, flora, and fauna. To fully appreciate the splendor and diversity of this enchanting destination, both locals and visitors are invited to partake in the weekly Modderfontein Reserve Parkrun.

Every Saturday morning at 08:00, outdoor enthusiasts and fitness enthusiasts gather at Isidleke within the reserve for the exhilarating Modderfontein Reserve Parkrun. This free, timed run spans a distance of five kilometers, providing participants with a captivating journey through the reserve’s breathtaking landscapes.

To join in on the Parkrun, participants are required to register for the event on their initial visit. Upon registration, each participant will receive a unique barcode that is used to track their time during subsequent runs. It is essential for participants to bring a printed copy of their barcode to each run, enabling them to monitor their progress and compete against their personal best times.

This vibrant initiative not only promotes health and fitness but also serves as a platform to raise awareness about the natural beauty of Modderfontein Nature Reserve. Engage with fellow runners and walkers as you immerse yourself in the unspoiled splendor of the reserve, forging connections and creating lasting memories along the way.

After the invigorating run, participants gather at the picturesque Val Bonne Country Estate, where they can unwind and bask in the camaraderie of like-minded individuals. Indulge in a steaming hot cup of coffee or savor a refreshing cold beverage while sharing stories of personal triumphs and forging new friendships.

Modderfontein Reserve Parkrun not only provides a platform for fitness enthusiasts to challenge themselves but also offers an opportunity to embrace the untamed beauty of the reserve and foster a sense of community. Lace up your running shoes, bring your spirit of adventure, and join in the exhilarating Modderfontein Reserve Parkrun—where fitness, nature, and camaraderie intertwine to create unforgettable experiences.

Taroko Trail Park Located just a stone’s throw away from Johannesburg’s bustling city center and the OR Tambo International Airport, the Modderfontein Nature Reserve unveils its immaculate beauty for all to behold. While a visit to the reserve is always a remarkable experience, it becomes truly extraordinary when explored on two wheels or on foot, adorned with your trusty walking or running shoes.

The cycling and running routes at Modderfontein Nature Reserve offer a unique opportunity to venture into areas that are inaccessible by car, allowing you to immerse yourself in the untamed splendor of the reserve. As you breathe in the crisp, invigorating air, bask in the warm sunshine, listen to the melodious songs of birds, and savor the earthy scent of the bush, you’ll discover a sense of freedom and connection with nature like never before. The trails also grant you the freedom to set your own pace, enabling you to leisurely meander along the pathways and truly embrace the enchanting surroundings.

Among the most captivating trails within the reserve lies the renowned Taroko Trail Park, beckoning both cyclists and hikers to embark on its extraordinary routes. Cyclists can choose from four main routes carefully designed to cater to various skill levels, ensuring that riders of all abilities can partake in the exhilarating adventure. Whether you’re a beginner seeking a leisurely day out with your family or a seasoned pro yearning to push your limits, Taroko Trail Park has something for everyone.

For those who prefer exploring on foot, the two running and hiking routes are an absolute must. These scenic pathways wind along the riverside and offer breathtaking views of the stunning dams that grace the reserve. Immerse yourself in the serenity of nature as you traverse these picturesque trails, allowing the tranquility to envelop your senses and rejuvenate your spirit.

As you journey along the Taroko Trail Park, you’ll bear witness to the pristine landscapes, diverse wildlife, and captivating flora that make the Modderfontein Nature Reserve a true haven for outdoor enthusiasts. So, grab your bicycle, lace up your running shoes, or simply set out on foot to experience the exhilaration of exploring this remarkable terrain.

The Taroko Trail Park at Modderfontein Nature Reserve invites you to embark on an unforgettable adventure, where the beauty of nature and the thrill of exploration intertwine. Discover the joy of cycling, hiking, or running amidst the untouched splendor of the reserve, forging unforgettable memories and creating a deep connection with the remarkable South African landscape.

Oakes Brewhouse

In the heart of Modderfontein, Johannesburg, a trailblazing venture took flight in 2013 as two courageous women defied convention and established the first all-girl brewery in the area. Oakes Brewhouse quickly rose to prominence, becoming one of the few breweries of its kind in the country. Here, hand-crafted beers are meticulously brewed, resulting in a range of tantalizing, one-of-a-kind creations. Beer enthusiasts from around the world are cordially invited to indulge in the exceptional brews offered by Oakes Brewhouse.

The name “Oakes” pays homage to the magnificent oak trees that adorn the brewery’s surroundings, evoking a sense of natural beauty and charm. This clever moniker also carries a playful double entendre, as “Okes” is a colloquial South African term for guys or men. Oakes Brewhouse currently boasts four signature beers, each with its own distinctive and delectable characteristics. Whether served on tap or in 450ml bottles, these brews are sure to captivate your taste buds:

Oakes Wise Beer
This classic Weiss beer delights with prominent notes of clove and banana. While it appears cloudy when served on tap, the bottled version has a clearer appearance. Made from wheat, this refreshing creation is best enjoyed ice-cold.

Butt Stout
Considered the flagship beer of the brewery, Butt Stout is renowned for its rich flavors of dark cocoa and coffee. Crafted with roasted malt, it distinguishes itself from traditional South African stouts, offering a bold and robust drinking experience.

Easy Blonde
This unfiltered lager bears a resemblance to traditional Pilsners, featuring citrusy notes and a dry, bitter finish. Embark on a journey of crisp and refreshing flavors with Easy Blonde, a testament to Oakes Brewhouse’s brewing expertise.

American Pale Ale
Using three imported malts and two hops, the talented brewmasters at Oakes Brewhouse have crafted an American Pale Ale that stands out from the crowd. This full-bodied ale delights the palate with its unique flavor profile, highlighted by a hoppy grapefruit finish.

Modderfontein, located in the East Rand of Johannesburg, is a vibrant suburb that offers easy accessibility to travelers. Merely a 20-minute drive from OR Tambo International Airport, as well as numerous hotels and guesthouses in Johannesburg and its environs, Modderfontein beckons beer enthusiasts to venture into the realm of Oakes Brewhouse. Immerse yourself in the artistry of craft brewing and savor the extraordinary flavors that await you at this pioneering brewery.

Modderfontein Nature Reserve is a true gem, combining the allure of South Africa’s remarkable wildlife with eco-conscious initiatives and a nod to its historical roots. Whether you seek tranquility in nature, thrilling outdoor activities, or a deeper understanding of the region’s heritage, this reserve promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you inspired and rejuvenated.


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