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Tucked away in the enchanting premises of Imhoff Farm, Higgeldy Piggeldy Farmyard is an oasis for animal lovers of all ages. With a vibrant blend of animals – ranging from…

Tucked away in the enchanting premises of Imhoff Farm, Higgeldy Piggeldy Farmyard is an oasis for animal lovers of all ages. With a vibrant blend of animals – ranging from playful goats to quacking ducks and the sweetest pony you’ll ever meet, Piccadilly – this farmyard promises an experience unlike any other.

A Menagerie of Friendly Faces

Upon stepping into this whimsical farmyard, visitors are greeted by a diverse mix of animals, each with its own charm and story. From the delightful pigs that wallow in mud baths, to the bleating sheep that might just come over for a pat, and the serene geese that waddle by the pond, there’s a critter for everyone to adore.

The farm’s proximity to the renowned Blue Water Café means guests can tantalise their taste buds with delectable meals, while their children immerse themselves in a haven of furry and feathered friends. Imagine sipping a hot latte or indulging in a slice of freshly baked cake, while the joyous laughter of little ones reverberates from the farmyard!

Engage, Pet, and Learn

What truly sets Higgeldy Piggeldy Farmyard apart from others is its philosophy of allowing animals to wander with minimal restrictions. While safety measures ensure the wellbeing of both animals and guests, children are often seen entering the larger enclosures, building bonds with the animals. The farm’s beloved rescued pony, Piccadilly, is a crowd favourite, waiting eagerly for gentle strokes and perhaps a treat or two. Mr Ginger, the most sociable rabbit, never declines a little petting, especially if visitors come bearing gifts, like carrots or treats from a goody bag.

For the curious minds, the farmyard is an educational treasure trove. While wandering the farm, vibrant booklets beckon with fun facts. Did you know, for instance, that goats boast rectangular pupils? Such intriguing tidbits are scattered around, ensuring an educational experience is interwoven with fun.

For the More Curious

While visitors can freely explore the farmyard, those desiring a deeper dive into the world of farm animals are in for a treat. Higgeldy Piggeldy Farmyard provides an assortment of guided tours and educational programmes tailored for larger groups and schools. It’s a fantastic way for students to engage with nature, learn about animal care, and even understand the intricate workings of a farm.

Popular activities, tourist attractions and points of interest in and near Higgeldy Piggeldy Farmyard

While the endearing animals of Higgeldy Piggeldy Farmyard are undoubtedly the star attractions, there’s a plethora of other engaging activities and noteworthy sites in and around the farmyard, promising an action-packed day for visitors.

In the Farmyard

Craft Workshops

Regularly held within the farm, these workshops invite visitors to engage with local artisans. From pottery making to weaving, there’s a craft for everyone.

Pony Rides

Beyond petting, children can take short rides on Piccadilly or his friends, feeling the gentle sway of these graceful creatures.

Feed the Flock

With supervision from the staff, visitors can participate in feeding times, giving them a chance to nourish their favorite animals.

Interactive Farm Games

Periodically, the farmyard hosts games that are both fun and educative. Think egg and spoon races, hay bale climbing, and more.

Picnic Spots

Sprawling green areas within the farm are perfect for picnics. Some spots even offer views of the animals roaming freely.

Around the Farmyard

Blue Water Café

As mentioned, this café is more than just a dining venue. With its rustic charm, it offers culinary delights made from local produce, often sourced directly from the farm.

Imhoff Farm Shops

A collection of boutique shops within Imhoff Farm offering handcrafted items, artisanal produce, and unique souvenirs.

Camel Rides

Located close to the farmyard, this is a unique attraction where visitors can ride these majestic desert animals, feeling their gentle, rolling gait.

Imhoff’s Maze

A short distance away, this maze crafted from green hedges promises fun for both kids and adults, challenging them to find their way to the center and back.

Local Art Galleries

The surrounding area boasts several art galleries showcasing the works of local artists, from sculptures to paintings and other forms of visual art.

Nature Trails and Hikes

For those wanting to stretch their legs a bit more, there are several nature trails in the vicinity. These range from easy walks suitable for families to more challenging hikes, all offering breathtaking views of the landscape.

Historical Landmarks

Delve into the area’s rich history by visiting some of the nearby landmarks and museums. These sites provide insights into the region’s past and its evolution over the years.

Wine Tours

The region is known for its exquisite wines. Local vineyards offer tours where visitors can learn about the wine-making process, enjoy tastings, and purchase their favorite bottles.

Visiting Higgeldy Piggeldy Farmyard isn’t just about a farm experience; it’s about immersing oneself in the local culture, understanding its roots, and indulging in various recreational activities. Whether you’re in for the animals, the art, or the adventure, this place promises memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you’re a family seeking a day of fun, an educator hoping to inspire students, or simply a nature lover in pursuit of tranquility, Higgeldy Piggeldy Farmyard at Imhoff Farm awaits with its open arms and animal charm. Step into a world where every animal has a story, every corner holds a surprise, and every moment is worth cherishing.


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