Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary

Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary


Embark on a captivating journey through the lush greenery of natural indigenous forests at Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary. Teeming with exotic monkeys living freely in a wild habitat, the sanctuary…

Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary

Embark on a captivating journey through the lush greenery of natural indigenous forests at Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary. Teeming with exotic monkeys living freely in a wild habitat, the sanctuary provides an unforgettable expedition into a tranquil world rarely seen.

Stroll through the serene surroundings on the sanctuary’s elevated wooden walkways. As you navigate these passageways, you’ll have a chance to witness a variety of enchanting primates frolicking in the leafy canopies above. The sanctuary offers an unparalleled game-viewing experience without direct interaction, allowing these once-captive primates to live in peace and harmony in their new home.

As one of only eight free-release primate sanctuaries around the world, Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary is a unique establishment dedicated to the welfare of our primate friends. Its operations and projects are facilitated through public donations, income generated from guided tours, and the sale of a range of delightful curios.

Each primate resident in this sanctuary has a story to tell. Many, like the playful squirrel and intelligent capuchin monkeys, have been rescued from a life confined as household pets or from the harmful clutches of the pet trade. At Bush Babies, they are given a new lease on life and an opportunity to rediscover their wild roots.

Enveloped in the sanctuary’s abundant natural beauty, complete with cascading waterfalls, verdant vegetation, and pristine mountain springs, these primates experience a life as close to wild as can be. The sanctuary’s mission is to replicate the environment these beautiful creatures would encounter in the wild, providing them the freedom to live as nature intended.

Come experience the magic of Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary, where each day brings a new adventure. Not only will you leave with a heart filled with awe-inspiring experiences, but you’ll also contribute to the noble cause of giving these lovely creatures a chance to live freely, the way they were meant to in the wild. Allow yourself to get lost in the tranquil charm of this primate paradise and join in the mission to preserve and respect the natural world.

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Popular activities and points of interest in and near Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary

One of the primary activities at Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary is the Guided Forest Walk. This leisurely stroll on the elevated wooden walkways not only allows you to observe the monkeys in their natural habitat, but also gives you a chance to breathe in the freshness of the forest and enjoy the soothing melodies of nature.

During the walk, you will learn more about the different primate species in the sanctuary. The knowledgeable guides will share engaging stories about the resident monkeys, their behavior, diet, and social structures, making your tour both fun and educational.

At the end of your tour, stop by the curio shop. This charming store offers a variety of unique mementos and crafts, making it an ideal place to pick up a souvenir to remember your trip by, or a thoughtful gift for your loved ones back home. The revenue from the shop goes towards the upkeep of the sanctuary and the care of its primate residents.

Nearby Attractions

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Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary, along with its neighboring attractions, offers a captivating blend of nature, adventure, and culture. Whether you are a solo traveler, a family, or a group of friends, this region promises a rewarding experience that will leave you enriched and inspired.


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