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Burn Out Bizarre is a heady mix of philanthropy and fashion—it’s the standout event of the season. A standout event all of its own, filled to the brim with all…

Burn Out Bizarre is a heady mix of philanthropy and fashion—it’s the standout event of the season. A standout event all of its own, filled to the brim with all the lively splendor and joyous ambiance that typifies an Afrikaburn event. And the most important is that the fun part has a special U-value status: it’s not even an event but a celebration of creativity, community, and compassion. For those who feel Afrikaburn is too far, Burn Out Bizarre offers the same madness at their event, with grand art installations and huge mutant vehicles, with a social cause to top it all off.

An Unforgettable Itinerary

15:00 – 18:00: The day kicks off with the Bazaar Market, reflecting the treasure of local craftsmanship. Meander through a wonderland of finds and support artists directly with every purchase made, contributing toward the Tree of Knowledge and other uplifting Afrikaburn projects. As the sun starts to dip, the scene changes from 18:00 to 19:30 for the long-awaited Fashion Show & Auction. Here is where fashion literally makes love to philanthropy in a spectacle of wearable art colliding the bold with the beautiful.

Each ticket to the auction secures your spot for this exclusive showcase and comes with a limited edition paddle fan, a chic and practical accessory for the desert.

Bazaar Market makes a dramatic comeback from 19:30 to 21:30, giving another opportunity to the visitors to plunge into the boiling market. Maybe it is this very chance to find that very something for you or somebody special.

Aerial Show, promising to spellbind with a breathtaking performance bordering on defying gravity and capturing the imagination that sets the stage for what’s to come, surely peaks the excitement of the evening at 21:30.

And what better way to top off such an awesome day than the after-party? It runs all the way through to the early hours of 0200. Let your hair down and dance under the stars with kindred souls brought together by a celebration of support for a great cause. A Cause Close to Our Hearts

At the heart of Burn Out Bizarre lies a commitment to making a difference. Any other fund raised above the event needs for the Tree of Knowledge is donated to Crew for a Cause, which funds education for high schoolers. It’s a testament to the event’s core belief in the power of community and the transformative impact of education.

Join Us

Burn Out Bizarre isn’t just an event; it’s a movement. It is an invitation to step through a veil into a world where art, fashion, and philanthropy come to reconcile themselves, and where each moment spent on this site goes toward some higher good. Please save the date, get prepared, and be part of such a model celebration of human creativity and kindness. See you at the Burn Out Bizarre, where every moment counts toward making a difference.


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